Thursday, 22 November 2012

I would also like to welcome my very first follower and friend, Jeannette........welcome
Not my usual scale knitting, something a little bigger
This little man is an Ashton drake "heavenly handful" 4.5" doll........I have taken a Jacquay Yaxley pattern and miniaturised it to fit....the pattern is called "sailor boy" and I worked on 1mm knitting needles with 1 ply merino wool.

just as cute as can be...the hat was the most time comsuming with over 200 rows of moss stitch, but the result was stunning.........
what do you think?.

Friday, 16 November 2012

I would just like to share this with everyone........this was a commission i did for a lovely lady in Canada

the pattern is designed by Sharon de Vries.......Sharon incorporates such detail in her patterns and they are a sheer joy to finish, always with the WOW factor....I am just in awe of all of Sharon`s designs. Take a look at Sharon`s blog from the list of my favourite`s...Chrystal`s Designs 


  this little sweetheart is entirely my own work.......the doll is a Belly Button Baby and the nightdress is my own pattern based on the nightdresses of the 50`s and 60`s with a crossover back and ribbon ties........teddy is 4 way threaded and measures just 3/4 of an inch.                                       
Both teddy and baby now live with my dear friend in Louisiana. U.S.A.                                                            
your comments are most welcome 

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Here is one of my tiny knits
I felt there was a need for little boy outfits, so many patterns are for little girls.....I know little girls outfits are so pretty, but then little boy outfits can be so cute too!

I must try to source some tiny buttons!!!!

here are a few more of my projects.....mostly patterns by other people but some are all my own work

and there is more......I just love knitting miniature.      
These tiny bears are knitted from full size patterns that I have miniaturised!!!

             Bumble Bee Bears wings look great..............yes?

And now for something really tiny........this doll is just 2cm tall!!!
here she is before her coat was fitted and shoes painted..
and here she is all ready to journey home to Vermont U.S.A.           her name is Madeline.......
I would love to hear your comments......