Saturday, 13 April 2013

A bit of luxory for my Belly Button Baby

Hello everyone! and welcome to my new followers..
Well here is my latest project so far...........I have enjoyed very much knitting this beautiful outfit.
The design is very delicate and light and flouncy due to the yarn I am using.....the pattern calls for Venne colcotton 70/2, an ultra cotton thread slightly thinner than sewing cotton and once knitted is extremely fine in texture......
 the front panel comprises of three separately knitted frills incorporated into the skirt by knitting both the frill and the garment stitches together across the row.......
The gown has short cap sleeves that cover the dolls shoulders beautifully...........I have used pink pure silk ribbon to trim and embellish throughout, I think it gives a delicate contrast, white would be lost within the intricate pattern.
The bootees have a tiny picot edge crocheted in pink in contrast and again I have embellished them with tiny silk bows........the diaper, an added change from panties, fastens at the front with tiny buttons which I made from a piece of plastic most hobbyist I keep everything just in case and plastic pots make the tiniest buttons......  
The back view shows the crocheted edge of the diaper and a glimpse of the edge on the bootees too........
I have placed a tiny bow at the back of the bonnet to continue the link with the rest of the outfit, and have added silk ribbon ties.
there is still quite a lot to do before this project is complete, there is a second under dress to do with the lace pattern just at the hemline.......then there is a wonderful matching shawl/blanket.
The pattern and lots more, can be purchased from
Sharon De Vries
I will post updates as and when I have them.......would you believe I am doing Christmas items in between orders and this project, getting ready for my first Advent swap this year.....


  1. Hello Ginny! I love the knit wear for the belly button babies! You have a wonderful skill and that is apparent in the quality of work that you are doing. I can't believe the details! Teeny tiny buttons too!!?? Wow! Thank you for discovering my blog which has enabled me to discover yours!


  2. Hi Elizabeth....thank you for your kind words, it gives my joy to think others love my work as much as I do......can I add that I just love your blog... Studio E... and the discovery was well worth it
    hugs Virginia

  3. Your baby is lovely and the knit wear is very precious.
    Bye, Faby

  4. Thank you Faby....the pattern is one of Chrystal`s designs.....
    hugs Ginny

  5. Gorgeous baby's outfit! Mini hugs, Natalia

  6. thank you Natalia. hugs Ginny

  7. Magnifico y admirable el trabajo del vestido y muy dulce la ropa interior.

  8. Привет! Какие удивительные малыши!!!! я в восторге!!!!!!!!!

  9. Thank you Ksandra....they really are sweet...and I`m so glad you like them
    hugs Ginny xxx


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