Saturday, 16 March 2013

Bassinets as promised

before I start...a warm welcome to all my new followers...........

Although I love to knit I do occasionally get out my hooks and do a little crochet.............confession time, I have always been able to crochet, well as long as I can remember, but about 2 years ago I went on a course to try to learn how to follow a pattern..........I have never been able to make anything other than granny squares as I couldn`t follow the simplest of crochet thing I`ve done in years.....I digress......Whenever the fancy takes me, and to be honest, when I want something a little more lacy, I get out my hooks....can you imagine my delight when I discovered there were miniature crochet hooks as well as knitting needles..........                      
1:12 scale
one of the first things I made were these delicate bassinets. I started with the 1:12 scale and went great guns...I had it finished in next to no time.
  Then I tried to do it in 1:24 scale....I did use the same cotton so the tension was a lot tighter and the lacy appearance disappeared somewhat.....but it still looked pretty, and if I am honest it stood up better than the 1:12 scale...

1:24 scale
Then I tried the pattern in 1:48 scale........I am so glad I tested myself with the two larger......ha! larger......that makes me titter.....the two other scales first otherwise I would have probably been put off miniature crochet forever!!!!!!    I used a much finer cotton Venne Colcotton 70/2 and this did hold up just as well as the 34/2 I used for the larger sizes.                          
teeny 1:48 scale at front of other two scales 
I have since gone on to make a blanket and pillow for each of my bassinets and although I had crocheted the cradles I decided to knit the accessories..........
the pattern is called "lily of the valley" for the 1:12 scale

there is no pattern on the 1:24 scale.......just a crochet picot edge all the way around.   
snug as a bug!

 and as for the 1:48 that is the question???? I could not find it anywhere, I searched for several days and to no avail........I know I made one, I had the photos to prove it....but could I find it........NO!!! then I remembered, I had given it to my friend and fellow miniature knitter Jeannette Fishwick when she visited the U.K. last I have no tiny cradle to measure by.....the only solution is to make another bassinet and then I can complete by making a teeny cover and pillow for back to the hooks and back to the most difficult of the 3 sizes.................will give you an update once I have completed.........(don`t hold your breath though lol.)



  1. Enhorabuena por tus fantasticos trabajos!!
    besitos ascension

  2. Thank you Ascension.....I am so delighted you like my work hugs Virginia xx

  3. Wonderful! I love crocheted items, but I'm not able to do.
    Hugs, Faby

    1. I have only recently learned how to crochet myself Faby....thank you for your comments hugs Virginia x

  4. Hi Ginny! When I think of how I used to crochet and how big and ugly my work was and that was in Real Life size, then all I can be is full of praise for the minuteness of your stitches and the precision and the cleanness of your work! My hat is off to you. Beautiful and delicate and a real pleasure to behold! Thank you for sharing these bassinets; DELIGHTFUL!


  5. Thank you, Elizabeth.....your words lift my heart especially as I am still a novice at crochet....
    hugs Virginia x


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