Saturday, 9 February 2013

Firstly can I say a very warm welcome to my new followers, I do hope you are inspired by my efforts with miniature knitting, and that it will encourage you to have a go!!
 Well I thought I would share these tiny outfits with you all. These little 1" dolls are from a mold I purchased from the United States, originally with the idea of making tiny fairy folk, then I realised they made the most wonderful tiny doll for the little girl in ones dollshouse, or, of course, a tiny baby in 1:24 scale. 
Once I had several of these pretty little dolls I then had to source some patterns or make my own......there are some tiny patterns on the market but I wanted more detail and so my hunt began to find patterns that I could, maybe, are a couple of those that got through after many hours of testing to see if they would work.

This first one is an original pattern by Nicola Smith......The knitting lady...I have tweeked it somewhat by altering the amount of stitches and having an opening back so it goes on this tiny doll easier. I have done this one so many times here it is in Lavender, and blue, and I have also done it in white  and lemon....I have used Mill Hill "petite" beads as buttons and Venne colcotton thread 70/2............this thread is so fine and gives the best results at this very small scale......needles you ask??? well they were U.K. size 24, it would be remiss of me to state a metric or U.S. size as I am uncertain, suffice to say they are very very thin, I know of only 1 set of needles thinner size 28.(which I have used for even smaller knitting)

Same pattern in blue
Same in lemon
now in white
This long white gown with bonnet is an original 1:24 scale pattern by Helena Bleaker. If I remember correctly it is named "Helen" and is knitted in one piece. The bonnet has a lovely wide brim that encircles the babys head. I enjoyed doing this one as there was no need to convert and it knitted very quickly even though it has a delicate lace pattern running from bottom to top..

Now for my very favourite pattern which I again tweeked from a 1:12 scale pattern by The Knitting Lady...Nicola Smith. This pattern is called "Fleur" and in the following photos you can see I have used white throughout with the tiny flower trim in shades of pink for one set and in shades of yellow in the other.
Here baby is in one of my tiny crocheted bassinetts, in a future post I will show you the tiny pillow and cover I knitted for this cradle, and the same bassinett in 2 other scales 1:12 and 1:48....... 
The pink trim flowers look so sweet on this version.....I have set the whole outfit in place on the face of a U.K. 10 pence coin, this coin measure a smidgen over 1".......... pity I have not placed the hat better to show the tiny flowers on it, you can see them in one of the photos below..... 
you can find Nicola Smith`s patterns at
and Helena Bleaker`s patterns at  

you can see the flowers on the hat here more clearly!!!!!


  1. Really enjoyed seeing your creations; I'm a fellow mini-knitter and have been trying to source some tiny dolls like these for my own creations. Do you mind me asking where you got the tiny doll molds from and whether they are for use with fimo or with porcelain?
    Thanks in advance, Kathryn

  2. Hi Kathryn....the mold was from House of is called "Neecie" it is for porcelain/bisque.....the site can be found at and this mold can be found in the House of Caron molds section under Parker-Levi Child, hope this is useful info...
    regards Virginia

    1. Fabulous, thank you so much. Keep up the good work! Kx

  3. Your knitting is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful creations.

    1. thank you Carol...........keep watching as I am preparing a free pattern for you all to try...hugs Virginia xx

  4. They are all so Beautiful!


    1. thank you Elizabeth
      hugs Virginia x


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