Saturday, 4 January 2014

On the eleventh day of Christmas my delightful friend gave to me.............

It`s MONDAY again...............

its baking day and of course that means its Monday.......

the tiny mixing bowl with the pastry already to work into pie crusts

a very smart wooden rolling pin

I think these are going to be biscuits....cookies

just wonderful............
a little post script...........I have a wooden rolling pin, I have had it about 30 years was given to me by a dear and sweet elderly lady who lived close by, she would come over once a week and leave a bag of fresh oranges for our daughter when our daughter was small.....and one day she brought a rolling pin and a well used bread board, used to slice uncut loaves, saving kitchen work surfaces from scratches and cut marks, saying she no longer baked but would I like them as she knew I baked a lot.....after I thanked her very much, she told me that both the rolling pin and the bread board had belonged to her Mother, and she herself had been using them since her Mother passed away over 40 years earlier.......I then discovered these everyday items were each over 100 years old, her Mother had been using them for the whole of her married life and had been married 58 years........and have you guessed???? YES!!! I am still using them today!!!!!!!!!! so they are approx 130 years old and still doing their job ever so well.......

Look in tomorrow for the last of our Christmas swap....
Happy Blogging
hugs Virginia xx


  1. If you sprinkle a little talc onto the rolling pin, pastry and surface it makes it look quite realistic ;) xx

    1. thank you Gill, when I am setting the scene I will do just that xxx


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