Saturday, 28 December 2013

On the 4th day of Christmas my good friend gave to me..............

I have never had presents to open this far into the celebrations before and I have to admit, I feel like a little girl again, so excited!!!!

 My first hat box, and how pretty it is, can you believe I actually do not own any hat boxes even though I have several ladies who love hats!!! in fact the Lady of the house in my Victorian Mansion is very partial to hats so this can be the start of her collection..........

But what is this....................????????
there is something inside...........????????

 can you see???????  Oh my!!!!

it is the dearest little pink Summer bonnett, so the Lady of the house will have to make way to her youngest daughter who will just squeal with delight when she sees this beautiful Summery bonnett just the right size, colour and style to be worn at the Village picnics on the Green, or even the famous village cricket match held every year in mid July!!!! 

Sorry I digress into my little world with excitement..

I hope you can see the detail, the hat is made from straw and detailed with roses of various shades of pink, with the softest pink ribbon.....

a much better view than the end of my finger, Gill can you tell this has just made my day....the hat box thrilled, but this tiny little bonnett is such an added bonus...thank you my good friend xxxx

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